About me


Jihef Photo is a small company founded and managed by Jean-François « Jihef » Portelance since 2010. After showing interest in photography and getting his first camera at the age of 8, he decided to pursue photography studies. He first took visual and media art in General and Vocation College (CEGEP). After having his first glimpse of photography, he decided to go to Ottawa’s La Cité collégiale in 2004 in the photography program. Graduating in 2006, he has since explored by creating pictures reflecting his creativity following in the steps of the leading names in Pop Art culture like Guy Bourdin and David Lachapelle, in whom he’s had admiration since discovery. In 2014, he went back to school in Film Sets to gather more knowledge. He went to O’Sullivan College in Montreal and graduated in 2015.


Being in full skills building, our mission at Jihef Photo is to create and offer to whom ever, at an affordable price, high quality Pop Art pictures.


Jihef Photo works to bring Pop Art culture to a mainstream trend, passing on its style by collaborating with people that acknowledge the work’s worth. He undertakes many ways to show someone’s fun side and have fun in each concept to bring individually every client’s personality.

Also, M. Portelance works to reach certain recognition in the world of photography. Having put a lot of his time and effort in his creations, he perseveres ambitiously and determined to secure his place among the leading names in cultural photography.